Wednesday, September 23, 2009

world of cheaper prices, internet savvy

Today I am purchasing across the state-- broadcast media. I am amazed that some of the larger markets are also selling at fire sale prices. Facebook and social media has taken a bite out of the tv industry.---- with being able to put your commercial up on utube, facebook and also to be able to tweeter out a link to your info.

I talked to a company today that is calling themselves social media experts. So a whole new industry is spouting up among the ashes for advertising.

I find myself working on networking throughout the system for my clients. I got an invite recently that said meet and greet but no tweet. Leave your cell phone in the car and bring in business cards only. How old school. Them mentioning tweeter means it is working.

Comcast cable and internet were down for a day this week but my I-phone was able to pick up facebook.Funny thing is News Star was down and some of the reporters were facebooking for info. Felt good to have them send notes back instead of me always sending their direction.

So up and running today and trying to catch up.

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