Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend and holiday are here enjoy

tune in Foxx 45 tomorrow at 8:20 am to Foxx and Friends to see Griffin Scott on national tv talking about being fired on facebook. That was as of about 5:30pm today . They are going to Dallas now instead of NOrleans.

Sunny did get a confirmation on her radio show today that Neil was indeed "terminated" from KNOE. He had called her to give her some info.

I will say that Neil also today gave a donation to the telethon in his and his wifes name since he will not be MC. Tune in, I am not sure who will be on. I have a few guesses but will wait for confirmation. I could hear Neil at my house in the fringe Garden District calling the Neville Game as he has for over 20 something years.

Hoping Sunny and Griff will stay on their radio show. I think everyone is enjoying the mixture of news. It was nice to hear tonight that they know how to handle the "off the wall" calls gracefully.


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