Wednesday, September 30, 2009 reports Comcast may swallow NBC the social media guide, says rumor has it that Comcast may buy NBC. Sorta an interesting concept. Mashable is a fun site and has some fun insights on media rumors.

I do miss days of long ago , when the lines were drawn in the media world. Now it seems everyone is going to be working for one big firm. KNOE CBS and KAQY ABC, WB housed together, Foxx and NBC together under a West Monroe Roof. Comcast Spotlight is now housed in the old Cablevision /Time Warner / now Comcast building in West Monroe.

Media is changing so quick, I am learning a whole new way of getting my pr clients out nationally by using social media. It is working.

The time of the video on line, on websites and on facebook is here. I automatically tell my clients that the commercial can be put up on their facebook almost immediately after production and sent out into the tweet land to get more exposure. Good focused messages are important, nothing too long or intense just get the point ACROSS AND GET OUT !

Friday, September 25, 2009


Waiting for confirmation but hear some cutbacks are coming at one local station in December. Cutting to the bone is an understatement.

I will say on a good note; Meg Smith at KNOE was out on a couple of events recently including Habitat dedication and she did a great job. She actually talked to the new homeowners and cared to listen before rolling film on the interview.

Kudos also to News Star Hope Young , she is so professional with her interview style. She was working on a local story for Life Choices and the crew over there was raving about her and also Mike Dunlap.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Forum on News Star site is buzzing

Forums on News Star are all a tweeter on Neil Shaw weather guy gone. Was wondering where that had all gone t00. Lots of eveything esle also, a quick read on most subjects.

world of cheaper prices, internet savvy

Today I am purchasing across the state-- broadcast media. I am amazed that some of the larger markets are also selling at fire sale prices. Facebook and social media has taken a bite out of the tv industry.---- with being able to put your commercial up on utube, facebook and also to be able to tweeter out a link to your info.

I talked to a company today that is calling themselves social media experts. So a whole new industry is spouting up among the ashes for advertising.

I find myself working on networking throughout the system for my clients. I got an invite recently that said meet and greet but no tweet. Leave your cell phone in the car and bring in business cards only. How old school. Them mentioning tweeter means it is working.

Comcast cable and internet were down for a day this week but my I-phone was able to pick up facebook.Funny thing is News Star was down and some of the reporters were facebooking for info. Felt good to have them send notes back instead of me always sending their direction.

So up and running today and trying to catch up.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Last Guiding Light

When I heard the Last Guiding Light was coming up, I felt sad immediately. I watched that show with my grandmother, then my mother , then my daughter watched it in the summers when she was at her grandmothers. It is a tradition in my mind. So here I sit watching it in my office, with my mute button on and my cell phone on silent, watching the final hour. I really haven't watched it much the last few years but I knew I could and when I turned it on I also knew I would see Reva and Josh and all the crazy moments and know my life was a piece of cake compared to theirs.

A friend of mine told me a funny story; her father was a minister and asked who they should pray for this week. One of the little ladies piped up, Bob Hughes is in the hospital and needs all of our prayers. So soap operas are a part of our life in different ways.

You are probably asking why a media blog is talking about a show, will as soon as it was announced , I purchased commercials for three of my clients in the last two days of the Guiding Light. High profile, well watched , high female based, perfect for Dr Theresa Ross (Bubbles Jones) for opening up a new clinic for women, perfect for Vantage and perfect for S&J for their upcoming special event.

I am going to miss these characters, that are such a part of my life in many ways.

Signing off so I can focus on the last few minutes. Just saw Josh drive off from Riva says he would be back in a year. Maybe they are planning a special, if they do I will be watching and also buying commercials for my clients.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunny Merweather update

Today was Griffin without Sunny on the 5 to 6pm radio show on 540am. Griffin is going to continue now while Sunny is opting out. Sunny is not opting out due to any falling out with Griffin. She is just in a different place in her world of media and is waiting for the right move to happen. Remember Griffin is still keeping out there, he is on a roll and the more exposure the better.

Remember Sunny also, she is a little under the weather with the crud. I am sure with all of the stress of the last month, she is due some sick time. Hope you feel better soon.

Sunny will be helping out Mona Hayden over at la Road trips. She is going to try her hand at sales and working out some new ideas for the state wide publication. The magazine has grown and it is basically just Mona so I am sure she is thrilled to have Sunny give her a hand.

Grid iron coming October from ad club

I figure this years Grid iron will have a lot to feature ...... especially since Griff is a part with his wife amy. Yes Griffin Scott and Attorney Bob Noel are both being "talked to" as( in my people are calling your people) to appear on the Tyra Banks Show. Together again on national TV, remember they were on Montel last year.

It would seem that the embarrassment of the stations has been taken to a whole new level , going national on such a hot topic, that has had hits all over the media world. Looks like something should be playing out but it is only gaining momentum. Ken Booth used to day, once you give it to the media, your control is gone, (as in the pr person, giving to him). Ken used to always tell me, " If you give me this info Cindy, you can't have it back. I will check it all out before I go on the air." So maybe a word to the wise. This is out of the bag and we can't stuff it back in, it would be like putting ten pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag , not happening.

hey , I love to ramble! seaching for some tidbits.

The Judge Marcus Clark and Jimmy Faircloth campaign is heating up. Seems whoever had the brochures and websites done for Faircloth didn't double check on what was to be left out! The trial lawyers association was supposed to not appear in any shape or form, but it is still on Faircloths website. The punchs are being thrown, Faircloth did some ugly comments to the other candiate in public saying,he was not a member. Well maybe his adpeople should get the word and do a reprint and fix the website. Right now it is all out there. ok time to move onto the next segment!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brent Scott has come back into media

Heard that Brent Scott that was previously sales manager of Comcast cable sales / comcast spotlight has gone over to broadcast station KAQY and CW to sell. Scott was cut loose several months ago in a surprise move from corporate comcast to change their leadership across the state. They basically made team leaders instead of managers. Remember Time Warner / Love Comm had changes in ownership so this was part of the cost cuts.

Tryed to call Brent this afternoon just to congraatulate him but only got the voice mail for KNOE at 3pm. telling me they were closed during lunch. go figure.

We all missed Brent and his knowledge of media buying and what works!

so see guys , I do have a softer side!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Should I bend to a request or keep on

Today has been a strange day, I actually had a media person request that I stop blogging or retract my ideas and opinions. Basically it was voiced that if I had not put it out there , it could have been kept quiet. Does writing a blog create attention or is the attention already there, I just put it into words. Does a blog give the power of opinions, legs for stories. This is what has taken up my thoughts today. Oh well, the power of the pen or here the power of the typed word.

Once a digging journalist always a journalist. I was taught from the best "editor Mr. Jimmy Hatten", he always said write it like you see it. Make sure you have the facts. check out the sources, get three quotes, then let it write itself. And most important write from your heart and mean what you say!

I have had the good blessings to work with interns within the three Universities. Those interns have done so well after finding their passion. I hope I instill just a little of what he taught me.

I guess what I am saying is the blog will go on. I am sorry I have ruffled feathers. I enjoy the written word but most of all I enjoy getting the info out there.

No one can ever say that blogging does not cause attention. The phone call today proved that. I will decide what I say and will only put out there what I believe!

let the good times roll , and here some of the not so good times.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend and holiday are here enjoy

tune in Foxx 45 tomorrow at 8:20 am to Foxx and Friends to see Griffin Scott on national tv talking about being fired on facebook. That was as of about 5:30pm today . They are going to Dallas now instead of NOrleans.

Sunny did get a confirmation on her radio show today that Neil was indeed "terminated" from KNOE. He had called her to give her some info.

I will say that Neil also today gave a donation to the telethon in his and his wifes name since he will not be MC. Tune in, I am not sure who will be on. I have a few guesses but will wait for confirmation. I could hear Neil at my house in the fringe Garden District calling the Neville Game as he has for over 20 something years.

Hoping Sunny and Griff will stay on their radio show. I think everyone is enjoying the mixture of news. It was nice to hear tonight that they know how to handle the "off the wall" calls gracefully.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

further hearsay update about weather man

Hear from another source that Neil the weatherman is on suspension until they figure it out. Ok guys work with me here. Give me your thoughts. I guess we will know soon , maybe in the am.
Plus the telethon should be interesting .

signing off until tomorrow.

It's heavy for media land now.

gridiron for ad club will be a hoot this year. I can just see it now. Maybe a game show on history.

When it rains it pours !


Well due to scheduling for uploading and besides that Amy was sick,so a blessing , griffin had to hold up last night going to his taping in New Orleans . He thinks as of now , it will be done and uploaded to run Saturday Foxx and Friends . I will keep you updates as Amy and Griffin let me know.

I do know that Griff just got off the phone with an interview with their producers so it is moving along .

telethon, who is MC this year

MDA telethon is this weekend and Neil Shaw is the host for years. So are these things not happening at the right time or what . Sunny before the KEDM Fund drive and Neil before the big telethon.

Neil may be getting a "grace" on the rain out, unless they can find another host. Or will John Roa be doing it all this year. Stay tuned. Unless is Neil paid by MDA or slated as voluteering his time for a wonderful cause.

I have been up there many years for the 24 hours when I was serving on their board for MDA. It is a emotional experience but a very personal good feeling to have helped.

Griffin Scott on Foxx and Friends

Yes, yesterday after the Sunny and Griffin news hour , Griffin loaded up his car with his lovely wife Amy and headed to New Orleans to a "link up" to Foxx and Friends to talk about his "facebook" firing. So this story not only has legs but is running away. So that should be today's, good news.

Actually had someone say , (I am sure they had not had their am coffee yet). Why didn't he just go to the Foxx Affiliate here and tape and upload.

Have a good day, my fingers can not type fast enough.

have to save some strength for BBQ Blue Crab at Cormier's tonight. meet me there. Wear old clothes because we will be slinging crab and the gossip. It will get down and dirty.

Fists were flying at KNOE is it fact or fiction

rumor mill, and a good source within the media community had a little ditty to share with me. You know I put about media firing coming up..... seems Neil Shaw, long time weather man at KNOE that has been on the am show recently----- wait for it ----- is gone.

Now that is not the juicy part. Remember I am getting this from sources ---not from a direct confirmed source but walls do talk and loud voices carry especially when materials are flying.

Seems Station GM Tom Pears called Neil in for a little talk and someone threw a fist and major commotion then happened.... Shaw called police to fill compliant about abuse. Search your memory guys. Neil is an axillary policeman for years.

Call and it is a private matter at KNOE.

Wish there was a video camera in there.

So guys that is one source says two --- the last teardrop will fall soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trouble coming at another station or just another rumor

Is trouble coming to the other set of stations over on the Monroe side of the river. Hear big pow wow, may be some more shuffling soon. Don't know if it will be management or a personality ---one or two. I'll keep on digging and listen close. My source said pot is simmering. Love a little drama ? I do !

By the way listened to Griff and Sunny , they had on La Revenue for Q and A and also Bubba Chaney called in to congratulate them. Amazing how word travels on the street so fast. They even mixed in another song tonight. But yesterday Chuck Redden or one of his many followers had sent in a little diddy about the Monroe School Board and Dupree.

Today big press conference for la Sheriffs' and Deputies' PAC group to endorse Judge Clark. Lots of flash blubs and cameras rolling.

Richard Summers is back at Assignment editor at KNOE on the news team. Summers stepped into a camera man role again for a while.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shreveport paper gets new press

The Shreveport Times is getting a new printing press soon. Interesting, wonder where that leaves the other papers. I hope more shuffles don't start . News Star just got a new (slightly used ) press just a few years ago. Copy desks are all here in Monroe for other papers here in circulation building. That's my ponder today!