Wednesday, September 30, 2009 reports Comcast may swallow NBC the social media guide, says rumor has it that Comcast may buy NBC. Sorta an interesting concept. Mashable is a fun site and has some fun insights on media rumors.

I do miss days of long ago , when the lines were drawn in the media world. Now it seems everyone is going to be working for one big firm. KNOE CBS and KAQY ABC, WB housed together, Foxx and NBC together under a West Monroe Roof. Comcast Spotlight is now housed in the old Cablevision /Time Warner / now Comcast building in West Monroe.

Media is changing so quick, I am learning a whole new way of getting my pr clients out nationally by using social media. It is working.

The time of the video on line, on websites and on facebook is here. I automatically tell my clients that the commercial can be put up on their facebook almost immediately after production and sent out into the tweet land to get more exposure. Good focused messages are important, nothing too long or intense just get the point ACROSS AND GET OUT !

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