Monday, September 14, 2009

Grid iron coming October from ad club

I figure this years Grid iron will have a lot to feature ...... especially since Griff is a part with his wife amy. Yes Griffin Scott and Attorney Bob Noel are both being "talked to" as( in my people are calling your people) to appear on the Tyra Banks Show. Together again on national TV, remember they were on Montel last year.

It would seem that the embarrassment of the stations has been taken to a whole new level , going national on such a hot topic, that has had hits all over the media world. Looks like something should be playing out but it is only gaining momentum. Ken Booth used to day, once you give it to the media, your control is gone, (as in the pr person, giving to him). Ken used to always tell me, " If you give me this info Cindy, you can't have it back. I will check it all out before I go on the air." So maybe a word to the wise. This is out of the bag and we can't stuff it back in, it would be like putting ten pounds of sugar in a 5 pound bag , not happening.

hey , I love to ramble! seaching for some tidbits.

The Judge Marcus Clark and Jimmy Faircloth campaign is heating up. Seems whoever had the brochures and websites done for Faircloth didn't double check on what was to be left out! The trial lawyers association was supposed to not appear in any shape or form, but it is still on Faircloths website. The punchs are being thrown, Faircloth did some ugly comments to the other candiate in public saying,he was not a member. Well maybe his adpeople should get the word and do a reprint and fix the website. Right now it is all out there. ok time to move onto the next segment!

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  1. I just don't think the fact that Faircloth's a trial attorney is going to pack much punch with the voters. The days of the tort reform movement are kind of over. Between the suspension order from the Supreme Court (have you read that thing? some pretty strong language!!) and the fact that Jindal is now actively endorsing Faircloth (you think that won't mean anything to voters in Union Parish and other places where Jindal is seen as a savior?), I think Clark is in trouble. So, the Sheriffs are all behind him. Does that really carry that much weight? Toney's made a few enemies in his short time as OPS. Anyway, I think this election is about to get VERY interesting to watch!!