Monday, December 2, 2013

fly in Dec 20 Chennault , open to public

Cindy Ingram for more info 318-651-8311,
please RSVP so we can have you on the press  bus to Selman Field reception
Press release was compiled from committee to announce an historic event upcoming/

Preparations Underway for Nationwide Flyover by Vintage Aircraft
to  Mark 70th  Anniversary  of  the  End  of  World  War  II  in  2015
Goal  is  to  promote  preservation  of  WWII  aircraft  for  future  generations
(Monroe, LA)  On  December  20,  2013,  a  group  of  aviation  heritage  organizations  are 
holding  a  press  conference  to  announce  preparations  commemorating  the  70th  anniversary 
of  the  end  of  World  War  II  with  a  nationwide  flyover  of  WWII  aircraft  in  communities 
throughout  America  on  the  weekend  of  August  15I16,  2015. 
The  goal  of  the  mass  flyover  is  to  pay  tribute  to  the  pivotal  role  American  airpower  played 
during  WWII  and  to  remind  the  public  of  the  importance  of  preserving  the  last  remaining 
planes  of  the  era  so  they  can  continue  to  educate  and  inspire  future  generations. 
The  press  conference  is  being  held  in  Monroe,  LA,  the  hometown  of  the  legendary  Gen. 
Claire  Chennault,  whose  famous  “Flying  Tigers”  took  to  the  skies  over  China  on  December 
20,  1941,  in  the  first  counter  attack  against  Japan  after  Pearl  Harbor.   
The  press  conference  will  be  hosted  by  the  Chennault  Aviation  &  Military  Museum  (701 
Kansas  Lane,  Monroe,  LA,    71203)  at  2:00  PM  CST,  followed  by  a  reception  at  the  historic 
Selman  Field,  which  was  the  site  of  the  largest  navigator  training  school  during  WWII.    The 
Southern  Heritage  Air  Foundation,  with  the  support  of  Green  Light  Development,  is  flying  in
several  WWII vintage aircraft for a flyover and display after the press conference. 
“We  are  pleased  and  honored  to  be  hosting  this  historic  press  conference  here  in  Monroe,” 
said  Nell  Calloway,  Director  of  the  Chennault  Aviation  &  Military  Museum,  and  granddaughter of
 General Chennault.    “My grandfather and the Flying Tigers helped lay the foundations for what was to
become the war in China and they are a fitting  symbol  for  a  movement  to  pay  tribute  to  the
 achievements  of  American  Airpower  during  WWII.” 
Calloway  is  a  member  of  a  steering  committee  made  up  of  representatives  from  the  History 
Channel,  the  Air  Force  Association,  the  EAA  Warbirds  of  America,  the  Commemorative  Air 
Force,  air  museums,  WWII  heritage  organizations,  aviation  publications,  and  other  groups 
that  are  helping  to  promote  participation  in  the  2015  nationwide  flyover. 
  “Airpower  was  the  decisive  factor  in  winning  the  war  and  the  source  of  technological 
advances  of  the  postwar  era,  including  man’s  exploration  of  space,”  said  Jerry  Yellin,  89, 
who  flew  the  final  combat  mission  of  WWII  in  a  P51  fighter  on  August  14,  1945,  and  is  the
honorary co-chair of the steering committee.    “We need to assure these precious aircraft are 
maintained  in  flyable  condition  so  that  they  can  continue  to  educate  and  inspire  the  youth  of 
Other  groups  are  developing  plans  for  similar  “signature”  projects  to  commemorate  the  70th 
anniversary  in  2015  that  will  honor  the  WWII  legacy  of  the  Army,  the  Seaborne  Services,  and the
 Home  Front.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#UncleSi and #duckdynasty give back to their community and the veterans

I have missed blogging daily !

I know you have noticed I am spending a lot of time at the Chennault Museum.    It is such a great place and is always hopping every day.   Uncle Si was recently at the Museum and we hope to have a new display with some of his service memorabilia soon.   He was one of the grand marshals at the Veteran's Day Parade and was such a good sport.
 #UncleSi #Duck Dynasty

 General Chennaults granddaughter Nell and her grandchildren
 Uncle Si and Patriot riders
 Randal Rugg #woundedwarrior

Friday, October 18, 2013

Green Light Development is proud to present the 1st Annual Chennault Foundation Memorial Walking Horse Show

Green Light Development is proud to present the 1st Annual Chennault Foundation Memorial Walking Horse Show benefiting the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum.  The show will be held at the Monroe Civic Center Equestrian Pavilion on Saturday, October 26th.  Over 100 horses are expected  from all over the southern United States.

The family  festivities begin at noon with local vendors, food, and music.  In the horse arena, the opening ceremony is at 4 pm. followed by the parade of horses and special guest Donna Douglas , aka Ellie Mae Clampitt from the Beverly Hillbillies. Ella Mae will ride in a horse drawn buggy with Nell Calloway; granddaughter of General Claire Chennault and Director of the Chennault Aviation & Military Museum  and then the competition!  “Tennessee Walking Horse Shows are quite a flashy competition, with riders dressed in formal attire. The horses  are well trained, putting on a spectacular exhibition for their audience.” said Wendell Rogers;  C.E.O.  of Green Light Development.” We are proud to bring this caliber of show to Monroe, said Rogers. The best part of this event is that it not only raises money for the museum, it also provides a day of entertainment for the community at no cost to the attendees." Some of the pre-horse show activities for the kids includes photo opportunities standing alongside a ¾ size replica of a WW2 P-40 fighter plane, an Army truck, bouncy house, food, music by Mike McKenzie and many  local vendors. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy will be in the air. Come one, come all, we look forward to seeing there.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Starr Homeplace June 8th, Saturday Plan Now

Starr Homeplace , Heritage and Creatively Center
SR 133 / US 425  
GPS : 5317
5317 Old Mer Rouge Road
Oak Ridge, La 71264
June 08, 2013
8am until 3pm
Bring your family out for a fun day in the country.
cost is $5.00 admission for adults , free to kids up to age 12.  
plus a contribution for lunch if you want a home cooked meal on the grounds.
Families are welcome to pack a lunch, and spread out a picnic.
Picnic tables are on the grounds.

Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge is planning the “annual Homecoming to the Starr” a summer Community Day, Saturday -June 8th., If it rains for a few minutes, then visitors can duck into one of the 19 museum areas or the big barn. Upstairs in the barn is a continuous fundraiser of books that came from the Stone collection from their book store that was a part of Twin City Mall in Monroe.”
Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the past of Louisiana. . History that children see and read about in school comes to life, making learning fun. On the plantation there are 19 museums showcasing many aspects of life.  The experience for older adults is one of fond memories - remembering things our parents and grandparents shared with us in the past. There is something for everyone!  A good day trip.  Leather tooling and watercolors along with woodworking, and a blacksmith.  

Joe Rolfe said, “ I always encourage artists and craftsman to come out and showcase their work, plus I don’t mind if they want to sale also.  Last month we had several artists in that came here .  The large bottle tree in the field is a point of interest , as is the many relics of farm equipment spread throughout the 19 museum acre. You can step into a 50’s style kitchen and step back in time and see a grouping of spinning wheels and a quilt frame, go across the field to the barn and enjoy sitting in the old porch swing.

Please contact Joe Rolfe at the Starr Homeplace to be a featured artist. He is looking for people that want to demonstrate the facilities. Joe Rolfe said,” I need people to get involved, I have a lot of areas that need a demonstrator such as a quilting room with a frame.  The museums are more interesting if someone is making them come alive in an action way.  


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fiesta Tuesday lunch .... yum roasted Turkey sandwiches every day

Fiesta corner of Roselawn and North 18th Street, Monroe, La , Lunch today. Come seat outside and enjoy the day. Bring your computer and enjoy the wireless internet. Sip a hot cup of tea.

Roasted Turkey Sandwich $4.25
Bean Tortilla Casserole $4.25
Bistro Burger $5.50
Avocado Tomato Cheese Sandwich $5.50
Tuna Salad Sandwich $4.75
Mediterranean Veggie Salad $3.65
Fruity Coleslaw $3.65
Potluck Pasta Salad $3.65
Bean & Rice Soup $3.75

To go orders welcome. 318-387-8446

All sandwiches prepared on roasted garlic, Multi-grain or gluten free bread. (.30 extra)

Wraps are prepared on multi-grain.

Allergy elimination Mini worshop at Natural Wellness Center in West Monroe

Now is the time of the year when our nose runs and our eyes itch.  be proactive sign up for the mini workshop 

Allergy Elimination Mini Workshop

Do you or your family suffer from environmental, food or emotional allergies? Many do nowadays. We are offering this workshop for you to be able to eliminate these allergies.
  We will teach you how to do muscle testing then remove these energy blockages performing acupressure on specific points along the spine, re-educating the body not to respond to the offending item.  It is great if you bring a family member with you so you may have someone to help you do this at home. Cost is $60. per each person. Do NOT wear anything that has a smell, ie perfume, smoke, etc.
May 17, Fri, 3-5  #wellness, #yak,  #allergy

Natural Wellness Center
Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski,
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctor of BioNutrition
2106 N. 7th St, Suite 132
W.Monroe, LA 71291

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fiesta Tuesday Lunch at Cilantro cafe

Fiesta Tuesday at the Cilantro cafe , corner of North 18th Street and Roselawn, Monroe, la

Roasted Turkey Sandwich $4.25
Avocado Tomato Wrap $5.50
Black Bean Burrito $5.50
Vegetarian Lasagna Casserole $5.50
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wrap $5.50
Greek Pasta Veggie Salad $3.65
Greens & Broccoli Salad $3.65
Couscous Fruit Salad $3.65
Potato Corn Chowder $3.75

If you see a neat recipe , let Sue at Fiesta know. Sue is always looking for good new healthy twists in cooking.

Buy Organic at Fiesta in Monroe, La

Photo: Fresh produce just in!
Large selection of organic produce , arriving daily.   Fiesta corner of North 18th Street and Roselawn in Monroe.

Hanging garden , cute for small spaces

Fiesta lunch today

Today/ Monday at Fiesta
corner of North 18th Street and Roselawn in Monroe

Roasted Turkey Sandwich...$4.25
Avocado Tomato Cheese Sandwich...$5.50
Chuck Wagon Burger...$5.50
Chicken Chipotle Quesadilla $5.50
Confetti Appleslaw...$3.65Artichoke Wild Rice Salad...$3.65
Fruit Greens Salad...$3.65
Black Bean Soup...$3.75

 While you are there , look in the Blue Stock area for natural organic fabrics and in the baby food area to see the new selections.

#Fiesta  #Monroe #Healthy Living   # Angie O'Pry Blades #Monroe salad

Sunday, March 31, 2013

times are a changing in the ad business / round up time

Hated to see John Matherne go from KNOE this last week. He was part of who, I thought about, as a KNOE staple. Many years and kids for John--there. 

Saw KNOE Veronica Shirley on the Shreveport news , Vantage had a new office open there.  I hope KNOE has some fill in the blank business cards.

Chris Tingle is the new sales manager at Channel 3 in Shreveport, he was at KTVE/KARD when he was here. 

Big Jim is gone from Radio People , and married

Cynthia Holliday is retired from Radio People.

Susan Allain is at Vantage and is happy as a clam. Working with me quite a bit. Fun to be able to do that again. Susan and I have been friends lots of years.

Chris Zimmerman is in Tampa , running one of the top market stations.

Mike Downhour is the General manager of OPUS broadcasting, and doing a great job.

Cottrell Designs is riving back up.... Joker is over there designing and he is one of the best in the industry.     Lot's of new equipment and still on Oliver Road in Monroe, in that little store front. They have saved me so often on political signs and also recently got some car magnets for a client done overnight along with some banners.

#monroemedia, #KNOE,  #Cottrell designs , #OPUS Broadcasting , #political signs , #overnight printing, #Radio People, Monroe printing , #political banners

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Herbs, great seasoning tips and grow tips

Have you ever wanted to know how to #cook with #herbs, how to #grow herbs #organically, where do you find herbs that have not been radically changed for shelf life   Come to the Yak's Herb Workshop , March 28th, Thursday at either 12:15 or 5:15. When you come in to registrar, go ahead and order your herb plants for a discount.   

#Yak’s  #Nursery Plant Sale

Herbs: thyme, oregano, fennel, basil,
 cilantro, chives, parsley, dill
$2. each or $8. for 6 pack
Ask about herb workshop !
March 28th, Thurs @ 12:15 or 5:15.
Must register and pay in advance.
$8. or save $3. if you have bought your plants from us in advance.

$2. for 6 pack
Tomato-hybrid, heirloom

6 pk ($2.) or hanging basket ($     ):
Begonia or Petunia

Natural Wellness Center
Dr. Carolyne Yakaboski,
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Doctor of BioNutrition
2106 N. 7th St, Suite 132
W.Monroe, LA 71291