Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lunch at Fiesta in Monroe and shop after.


Thursday at Fiesta corner of Roselawn and North 18th Street

Roasted Turkey Sandwich $4.25
Stuffed Mushroom Dinner $5.50
Chicken Salad Sandwich $4.75
Veggie Sandwich $5.50
Classic Wrap $5.50
Pineapple Spring Mix Salad $3.65
Tabbouleh Salad $3.65
Greek Spinach Salad $3.65
Taco Soup $3.75
To go orders welcome. 318-387-8446
All sandwiches prepared on roasted garlic, Multi-grain or gluten free bread. (.30 extra)
Wraps are prepared on multi-grain.
Various pastries and bread baked daily.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in the Twin Cities; Monroe & W Monroe

 Now is the time to take the kids out for a holiday "look' around our quaint town. Yes quaint town , you have to know how to drive it , but it does fit into the criteria.  The two main towns are beautiful now , with downtown Monroe, La  sporting some beautiful winter windows, the group that put it together was able to also get into the empty places and dress them up.  It is a thrill to look into the R&A Jewelers window and see it dressed up.   Make sure as you get ready to cross the bridge into the west you see Bry Park in the back of the #Vantage Building and across from Cotton, the reindeer and the lights are pretty..  

Driving thru the #Antique Alley then over to North 18th Street with #Fiesta Nutrition (health food store ) then over to the #Diamond Vault   make sure and shop local.  Angie at Fiesta has a lot of local artists that have their pieces in her store and also has homemade local goat cheeses that are a true find.

Looking for some western fun, S&J Farm and Feed has a great boot selection and lots of wranglers and Miss me Jeans.   Santa is there also for all the kids, and it is all locally owned and operated.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fiesta holiday time

Now is the time to finish up that Christmas shopping.  Need something different ? Need to find a friend who has allergies a gift and you need to be selective.  Fiesta on North 18th Street and Roselawn has new gourmet items coming in every day.