Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Starr Homeplace June 8th, Saturday Plan Now

Starr Homeplace , Heritage and Creatively Center
SR 133 / US 425  
GPS : 5317
5317 Old Mer Rouge Road
Oak Ridge, La 71264
June 08, 2013
8am until 3pm
Bring your family out for a fun day in the country.
cost is $5.00 admission for adults , free to kids up to age 12.  
plus a contribution for lunch if you want a home cooked meal on the grounds.
Families are welcome to pack a lunch, and spread out a picnic.
Picnic tables are on the grounds.

Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge is planning the “annual Homecoming to the Starr” a summer Community Day, Saturday -June 8th., If it rains for a few minutes, then visitors can duck into one of the 19 museum areas or the big barn. Upstairs in the barn is a continuous fundraiser of books that came from the Stone collection from their book store that was a part of Twin City Mall in Monroe.”
Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge is the perfect place to get a glimpse of the past of Louisiana. . History that children see and read about in school comes to life, making learning fun. On the plantation there are 19 museums showcasing many aspects of life.  The experience for older adults is one of fond memories - remembering things our parents and grandparents shared with us in the past. There is something for everyone!  A good day trip.  Leather tooling and watercolors along with woodworking, and a blacksmith.  

Joe Rolfe said, “ I always encourage artists and craftsman to come out and showcase their work, plus I don’t mind if they want to sale also.  Last month we had several artists in that came here .  The large bottle tree in the field is a point of interest , as is the many relics of farm equipment spread throughout the 19 museum acre. You can step into a 50’s style kitchen and step back in time and see a grouping of spinning wheels and a quilt frame, go across the field to the barn and enjoy sitting in the old porch swing.

Please contact Joe Rolfe at the Starr Homeplace to be a featured artist. He is looking for people that want to demonstrate the facilities. Joe Rolfe said,” I need people to get involved, I have a lot of areas that need a demonstrator such as a quilting room with a frame.  The museums are more interesting if someone is making them come alive in an action way.