Monday, February 28, 2011

Genusa's on Park in Monroe

Genusa's on Park in Monroe

Genusa's is the neighborhood gem that sits on Park Ave in Monroe, La . The restaurant is owned by the Genusa family. Eating there is always a nice time to talk and visit , because the atmosphere is laid back and quiet.
If you are a seasoned Genusa's diner you have your favorites , I do Miss Carol's salad. Miss Carol's salad has been off the menu for several years , But Cherry Genusa says, " We still sell the salad, and I don't think it has slowed down being off the menu. My regulars want it! " The Restaurant has a wide variety of foods from Gerald's favorite; Veal Ashley to mine which is the duck appetizer specially laced over pasta. Genusa's is now selling their handmade fresh Italian sausage as an ingredient the public can run by and pick up. Signing off. Go into Genusa's and tell them I sent you !

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crawfish Crawfish Crawfish in Louisiana

Seems like all I hear now is where do you eat Crawfish. The style and craft of Crawfish cooking is passed down through families. So actually it is according to taste as too where you go. I am partial to Cormiers and Cypress Inn, just according to how I want the delicacy spiced. Do I want the spice to be placed on the critters after the cooking or during?

In my mind those are my picks. I am sure everyone will have their own furious.

Griffin Scott Update

Griffin Scott made famous from the great "facebook firing " by KTVE will be on FUN RADIO STARTING TOMORROW. Glad to hear you again my friend. Scott who was an anchor for KTVE/NBC in West Monroe, La has kept his voice thru social media.