Tuesday, June 30, 2009

psa time for non profits

We have been busy developing new non profit campaigns and working on getting the fundraisers together as quickly as possible. The Ouachita Parish Council on Aging will feature Easy Eddie and the Party Rockers on July 25th a Saturday. Sound like fun call the Council on Aging to find out more. 387-0535

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Starr Homeplace location

Need a barn, 50's cottage, hay loft , great front porch and a corn field

Today I got a phone call from a few members of the film group looking for a rural location for a music video. Discovered another great application for face book and social media --putting up location pics for a location album. It took me 10 minutes and I had uploaded 73 pics of Starr Homeplace in Oak Ridge for this location agent.

3rd annual bawcomville Redneck Christmas parade taking early entries

As I stood looking across the Riser Elementary school parking lot I was amazed by the creativity of this state actually of a tri state area. Several floats came from Arkansas and Mississippi. The first float I looked at had a wreaked car and a clothes line full of socks and underwear that were a sight, next in line I saw a complete deer camp, wait look there are the hunters tied up by the deer. I took a second look and saw a group of boys decorating their four wheelers and after that --floats as far as I could see. In all over 400 entries last year made up a parade that started at the front of the school and went around the school twice and then onto a side street for the Santa floats. It took over an hour just to get the parade rolling and clear the lot.

The 3rd annual bawcomville redneck Christmas parade is rolling out again this year the first Saturday of December . Saturday , Dec 5th,2009- line up starts at 7:30 and then the parade rolls into the street at 10am. it is $10.00 and a new children's toy for all entries large or small. The money goes toward adding to the toy selection for the kids of Bawcomville , la . Bawcomville is a small township right out of west Monroe, la. The first people or groups to sign up will get the prime front of the line.So hurry call 318-388-5858 and reserve your space and get your money in. Riser School is located at 100 Price St,in Bawcomville / West Monroe, La .

3rd annual bawcomville Redneck Christmas parade taking early entries

Beer tasting coming

KEDM Summer Beer Tasting

Join the Friends of KEDM Thursday, July 23 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Tonore's Wine Cellar in Monroe for a variety of domestic and imported beers from Marsala Beverage.

The KEDM Summer Beer Tasting features appetizers from the KEDM Cookbook and the award-winning Bar-B-Q of Rhoda Brown's Smokin' Fatties.

Admission is $10 at the door, with special pricing on mouth-watering Bar-B-Q.

Monday, June 22, 2009

social media facebook and crawfish

Where else can you go to bed hot and wake up hot again. After leaving in Las vegas I swear it is hotter in Louisiana due to the water in the air . Learning how to direct to clients in this weather is interesting to say the least. I am doing more selling over the phone and on facebook. Facebook is amazing last night , I wrote about Cypress Inn still having crawfish until July 4th and they got so many calls. It makes them a believer . Social media is the way of the future just got to figure out how to use it !

In the picture is Cypress Inn owner Vic Hendricks and his son Bruin. Cypress Inn is in Monroe , la . facebook Cypress Inn

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another day but a good one for Monroe

Today is the big Monroe Louisiana announcement of a new car plant here. We need it ! It would put people to work and cause a trickle down of money to help everyone. The mall may be able to stay open and these little restaurants that are locally owned should have a burst.
Today is the day for all of the politicos to get a par on the back and spend time talking about their roles. Whatever ! But if it gets us the money they can talk away. I really don't care who gets the credit just am glad something good is happening. Let the good times roll in Northeast La.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it stress or just todays world that eats at our souls

Ok another day in media land and now the blood letting is hitting the fringes of pr . Richard L. (ULM photographer ) and Sara (in pr) at ULM are being let go. We are going to miss Richards' running around the campus getting those excellant photojournalism shots. Who is going to document the world of ULM or was that the problem in their eyes maybe they wanted to see not so much of the everyday life.

Looking at my desk , it is a world of tidbits of stories and scraps of paper along with notes to myself. I want to take a day to catch up and get all of the stories out of my head and into a niche so I can do something with it (story). Do you ever think that will happen. Stories wake me up at night taking a life of their own.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

non-profits and today's world

I wish there was a way for non-profits to link themselves into the world of today. Education to the new ways is the key , it is just hard to get through sometimes to boards and the chain of command. In order for the survival to occur a wake -up call must happen. maybe the State of Louisiana has given that call by reducing everyones funds but the wake up call may be a call of doom. Meals on Wheels in Ouachita Parish from the Council on Aging had to decide to either cut out 100 meals to seniors and the home bound or give them only once a week service and dole out frozen meals. Then frozen Meals it is , but an upside the frozen meals have better vitamins frozen in because they are not kept hot for long periods during delivery. But the some seniors only see the meals on wheels lady once a week , who is going to know if they fall and get hurt or skip their meds. in Oak Ridge is a plantation home that carries with it seven museums of history and also touts itself on the cultural economy of Louisiana. A place for artists, potters, quilters, jewelry makers, writers and anyone that has a desire to create, to work on their passions in an environment that will nuture their crafts. Seems Louisiana wrote a big book thru the lt. Gov office about cultural economy but forgot to tell the state people that give out it's funds of survival for keeping such a place in time available and running. I can go on and on, I work with and see so many non-profits thinking out of the box but the state is not seeing these groups , maybe they have on rose colored glasses or blinders. Open your eyes we need these to keep our heart pumping.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New commercials and Pr along with social media

You know now when we do a new commercial , it is usually also for social media. We just finished
S & J Farm and Feed on Thomas Road in West Monroe. First up was sending to all people in the commercial on their facebook, then upload to u-tube , then twitter then blog, final stop is the actual tv run. Smart marketers are now using all of the "free" media they can assemble as quickly as they can. Did anyone see Peter Shankman on CNN tonight talking about the Burger King sign that put up a note of " I don't believe in Global Warming" the sign hit the e-waves so quickly , the sign was down within minutes but not before it had made national news and I am sure the person that has that franchise never thought it would be "foundout". No days think before you make a statement and when you have a message get it out there.