Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is it stress or just todays world that eats at our souls

Ok another day in media land and now the blood letting is hitting the fringes of pr . Richard L. (ULM photographer ) and Sara (in pr) at ULM are being let go. We are going to miss Richards' running around the campus getting those excellant photojournalism shots. Who is going to document the world of ULM or was that the problem in their eyes maybe they wanted to see not so much of the everyday life.

Looking at my desk , it is a world of tidbits of stories and scraps of paper along with notes to myself. I want to take a day to catch up and get all of the stories out of my head and into a niche so I can do something with it (story). Do you ever think that will happen. Stories wake me up at night taking a life of their own.

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