Saturday, June 13, 2009

non-profits and today's world

I wish there was a way for non-profits to link themselves into the world of today. Education to the new ways is the key , it is just hard to get through sometimes to boards and the chain of command. In order for the survival to occur a wake -up call must happen. maybe the State of Louisiana has given that call by reducing everyones funds but the wake up call may be a call of doom. Meals on Wheels in Ouachita Parish from the Council on Aging had to decide to either cut out 100 meals to seniors and the home bound or give them only once a week service and dole out frozen meals. Then frozen Meals it is , but an upside the frozen meals have better vitamins frozen in because they are not kept hot for long periods during delivery. But the some seniors only see the meals on wheels lady once a week , who is going to know if they fall and get hurt or skip their meds. in Oak Ridge is a plantation home that carries with it seven museums of history and also touts itself on the cultural economy of Louisiana. A place for artists, potters, quilters, jewelry makers, writers and anyone that has a desire to create, to work on their passions in an environment that will nuture their crafts. Seems Louisiana wrote a big book thru the lt. Gov office about cultural economy but forgot to tell the state people that give out it's funds of survival for keeping such a place in time available and running. I can go on and on, I work with and see so many non-profits thinking out of the box but the state is not seeing these groups , maybe they have on rose colored glasses or blinders. Open your eyes we need these to keep our heart pumping.

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