Saturday, June 21, 2014

starting back

It has been a long while , since Christmas since I have blogged .

We have been busy getting the house in order, when we bought the house , it was a blank canvas.

We are working on roses, and fruit trees along with building the porches and the dock.

It's time for Yak's peaches and vegs to be coming in and they are open in Ruston and Farmerville now. Remember they do homemade ice cream and pies.    Peachfest is coming at end of month in Ruston.

Cormier's is closed until the fall , officially declaring how hot it is. They are on vacation.

Today is a good day to work on inside projects.  I can sit in my little house and watch the weed eating and the porch will start soon. Thank goodness for Mark from City of Faith, he has been helping us all winter and into the summer.