Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

KNOE Has anyone heard that Judy Wagner may be going

Have heard from two people that Judy Wagner may be moving out of the market. Saw her on last week. This thread is not verified so let me know what you have heard.

Larry Roberts checked in , x knoe anchor

Larry Roberts picked up the blog through newsblues. He was reading about Neil. Larry was a co-anchor for a short period in the 90's with Judy. He went onto work for Hoak in Grand Junction then Nexstar in Beaumont. Sounds like he is semi retired by his note.

Monday, October 19, 2009

KEDM did they hit goal

Recently the public radio station KEDM held a public fund raising appeal over their airwaves. But I am yet to hear how much they raised over past years. I listened....and listened.... and the normal updates were not voiced. Now word on the street is, it was a little short . I heard by quite a bit ! Times have changed, I figured being a public radio station it should be public knowledge.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art with a View announces creative partnership with MSO

Art with a View has partnered with the Monroe Symphony Orchestra for a juried show of mixed mediums on December 10th. The new name is ' Experience the Music at Art with a View' , the annual show will become a fundraiser for the MSO. December 10th, 2009, 6 to 9 for Art Show on 5th floor. There will also be artists showing their craft in a series called Art in Action. The MSO will showcase several musicians among them Hallie Yarbough.

The event is on it's 7th year and draws from artists throughout the area. A private party that evening will also be held on another floor called Top of the Plaza. Tickets can be requested from the Monroe Symphony. Ticket prices $15.00 for single art ticket, $25.00 for couple for art, private party Top of the Plaza tickets : $30.00 each (these also include the art and the Art in Action).

Artists interested in being part of this show can contact ; CindyIngram 318-329-1929 or email for entry forms. Art fees are $50.00 per artist.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cake walk program directors ! Shadow Haze out

Wonder why you have not heard Shadoe Haze on his Opus Channels , he is gone! Haze was program director with them over 7 years. Opus is keeping the toy and bike drive he started.

Sunny Meriwether's old spot on KEDM just got filled by the Program director from 101.9 . Interesting, I don't know if any news background.

So the cake walk begins again! Who gets the next seat pulled out from under them.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Comcast scaling down here in Monroe,la

Comcast Spotlight after a burst of increased business a few years ago added more staff now has started downsizing it's staff.

Becky Tripp who was with KTVE as a news photojournalist joined Comcast in their commercial department to work with Scotty Jackson. Scotty has been with Comcast as long as I can remember.

Word has it, Becky Tripp has been let go. She has a few weeks to find a job. She is so creative and was a true asset to the group.

The receptionist is also on the chopping block. Stay tuned, I am sure more to follow.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Looking back to the past , Cadillac Kings Band and dancing

Last week my 14 year old; Katie went to her first homecoming dance at Neville. I watched all the getting ready and took as many pictures as I could and sent her out on her way.

I started looking over my old photos of my proms and homecoming and put the pics up on my facebook. I was amazed at how much we look alike! We always have had the same look, but in the prom pics it is so 'there'.

luckily I have a very secure husband and my old high school boyfriends wife is a good sport. Because being from Monroe of course once I put the picture up, I got remarks. Which brings me to write a little about my high school friend. Moving back to Monroe, after living in Las Vegas and New York State has been great, I do love Monroe. I realized I had so much in common with a lot of who I graduated with from Neville, several of us had kids late! So us-- old moms and dads now are all dropping our kids off at Lee and Neville.

Gerald and I started going to the Holidome and hearing the Cadillac Kings. Frank Fergurson and his band of musicians, including Pete Bailey and Walt Silmon are back to playing frequently at local places. The band is good and easy to dance too, it has a dance club following . I wish we were of that ability but my husband of 21 years and I just dance for fun. The band members all have a wonderful time playing the old rock n' roll and get the crowd dancing.

Long story short, if you miss the 70's and 80's and want a place to go, they are playing at the Holidome off and on in a smoke free environment . They will be back October 24th again and I am sure if you look around the room you will see the graduates of the 70's out among the tables.

If I shut my eyes and dream , I can see my daughter Katie now in her beautiful blue dress at homecoming dancing and think of how much fun it was to put on the white and red dress for my dance . Of course she did tell me about the "yuk" floor of the Neville cafeteria and I now remember that too! Oh well my memories are of course very sugarcoated!

Ramblings of a mom of a 14 year old, trying to be in the moment!

Ken Burns national Parks worth watching ----- beautiful

My husband has said so many times in his video that , he is giving it the "Ken Burns' effect. I never understood, now after watching parts of the documentary I have grasped it! Watch the documentary if you have a chance, PBS has been playing segments the last few weeks. I now know better what he has been asking for in some of my stills that he converts for his work.