Friday, March 12, 2010

KTVE upset today

last week I am sure everyone heard the news director was canned at KTVE (after Griffin Scott won his unemployment), today at this moment Cheryl Olive, General Manager is cleaning out her desk. She is the next one out the door. They were the firing team of Griffin.

So where will this leave Griffin Scott , maybe his job back. Keep in touch ! Go Grif, maybe your passion will be returned. I know you really loved your job. But where does that leave everyone else. What a mess.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

media stream or scream

Ok congrats to Griffin Scott, looks good for him finally. melissa Klinzing is gone as of last week. She was the news director at KTVE that fired Grif over the facebook comment. What ever happened to telling it like it is ?

Movement is daily. i turn on the tv and am always amazed. Cynthia Mileage is now at KTVE from KNOE on the news.

Meg Smith is still at KNOE , she is good, and really researches her stories. Bill Elliot is also still there in the promotions and psa side.

The News Star is going thru yet another band of furloughs without pay. Must take a week off within the next few months. That is everyone. Only trouble is the crew is already working themselves to death.

Wish Griffon a happy birthday this week! Big Jim is on vacation. That's all for this moment .....

Update on food the last two months

Been of course going to lots of restaurants so here is the count of what each was like;

Athena's is back and we are eating there at least twice a week. BYOB is not a problem. We always do the pasta dish for one of the choices, hummas and ask for a 59 cent votive cup of their olives. The restaurant was full a few nights ago. Plus now they are open seven nights a week.

Cypress Inn ---still into the spicy crab legs and a pitcher of an adult bev on the deck. Today is a great afternoon on the deck watching the bayou and the fisherman.

Cormier's is right behind our house so that is hard to keep away. Plus the smells are wonderful. my cats are so excited about crawfish again. They bring in crawfish into the yard. they are now open every night. I am very partial to the Cormiers bowl and boiled shrimp but the crawfish and beer flows.

Copelands has our vote for the new sampler plates . We like the shrimp and grits and the steak and angel hair. Barbara and John Clarks (actually Johns) son works there. Gabe.

Creamery greasy spoon hamburgers are melt in your mouth goodness. they have a method down that is wonderful. Plus while you are there icecream follows. It is funny so many people walk in my neighborhood to Cormiers then onto the creamery for ice cream. The parking lot is full during the crawfish season.

Grilled oysters at the west monroe mohawk are too die for ! We went and ordered one dozen and then another. They are grilled over a flame and then have cheese on them.

We have tried three times the new bayou bistro , can't seem to get a good night. i like that they are open late late but the other night our salads came with the dessert. The taste is just not there (yet), I will continue to hope.

IHOP in West monroe need I say more ....... we are back at the 165 North waffle house where the service and food are always good. the IHOP waitress told me they don't use shelled eggs unless you ask , they are IHOP packaged eggs with extra protein.

Rawz good for thai, and being very casual. We have even brought in out own adult bev quietly.