Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Plug in phones for the artic Blast -smart

"Go buy a plug in phone to prepare for this bad weather. In the rural community of Collinston, Bonita and Jones we are braced for the ice with buried lines since the 70's." said Mike George with the Northeast Louisiana Telephone company in Collinston, la. "We tell our customers to keep an old fashioned plug in the wall in case of power outages. Wireless phones need a power source, plug ins use the phone company's lines and power source." Mike George , Northeast Louisiana Telephone Company 318-874-7011

Friday, January 1, 2010

Roundup of restaurants

it's a New Year and I hear so much is coming..... Athena's is opening again in January--lot's of activity going on there. They had had a small fire that closed them up, after the sale sign went up--- a lot of rumors started. I stopped by and talked to someone looking for another location of a Spice style restaurant. I am hoping that it will be Athena style food again. I really miss it !

Saw today that the old Italian restaurant next door to Strauss Theatre on lamy is reopening as the Jarrito Mexican Grill , Aviles LLC / Manuel Aviles Cubillo. Alcohol permit is in the paper today.

Stopped by to visit with Angie O'Pry Blades yesterday. Fiesta will be opening (softly) sometime next week. Look for the old Woman's Shop on North 18th Street to look so different and fresh. Easy to see with green awnings with Fiesta spelled out. It is a Trader Joes or a whole foods style now. She is going to have a cafe for lunch starting in Feb. Yah! You know with Angie it will be good and well thought out.

Cypress Inn has crawfish now, hot and spicy. Cypress Inn still has all you can eat entrees so check them out and also specials during the weeknights.

Cormiers is reopening late January with their Crawfish and pig sandwiches.

went to the Mohawk in West Monroe with my good friend Loretta this week. We tryed the grilled oysters. They were great, rich.... and had some cheese lightly in the shells. fresh on their grill ! Gerald and I will be back now.

Pieworks seems to be doing well. They served their Martinis at the 'ART with a VIEW' and it was a hit. They even perfected a holiday special drink for the event. We have been going and ordering a small pie along with sharing a Caesar salad and their wonderful unusual breadsticks. Plenty for two people, plus a bag to go home to Katie and her friends.

Well that is a wrap for now, Gerald just cooked me smoked spicy boudin from Marksville with eggs. Maryann Riddle brought it back on her trip home.