Saturday, May 30, 2009

utlizer for articles -reinventing yourself

So I have another new social media toy..... Utilizer to get articles out in front of everyone in the industry . Sorta a pitch machine. I am reinventing myself in the social media. So first up is a story on Utilizer on social media and non-profits , how everyone can afford to use facebook, and twitter and a blog. So Cindy Ingram will be a new publicist, fresh , and full of new floavors . Sorta like Dillias over in West Monroe. I reinvent what I am eating every time.

Friday, May 29, 2009

more gab about media in northeast la. todays slush

The saga continues, calls out today from KNOE looking for prizes for What's Cooking , now without Stacy. No-one seems to have an answer. I asked how much longer until the plug is pulled ! told it will be moving to am show .I just hope Stacy lands well and Mark is going well with his new role. Time will tell who the sponsors are that stick and who pulls.

Times are bad, I know , there are some bright spots out there. the new editor of delta Style is a sweetheart and is working hard ..... Cassie is a young mare' with a twist. making her own style.

Louisiana Road Trips , that Mona Hayden owns is now statewide and has tyed into some 'cutetidbit' writers that are getting the pub kept to read. See she has a new sales rep: Renee Wong. Good to see, a company gearing up, plus Mona is looking for more salespeople.

David Marchman has started a new group of publications with Rhonda Councilman of Cooley Printers. A glossey pony tab. First one hits the street in July , targeted publications. David has been in retail forever.

So would like to be able to figure out the "image marketing that is out there", boatload of commercials for each month but now as the bills are coming out, seems like they are getting more of the sister station with entirely differant demo. than the business want.

a tale of marketing or there is always a "tell" , the media sometimes shows their tale before thinking !

Thursday, May 28, 2009

on vacation or the company lie

Seems that the return email comments don't make much sense especially since you know that the person in question is not really at the company anymore.

Such as ON VACATION, WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK, PLEASE FORWARD ALL INFO TO (PERSON OF CHOICE). Why not just say .... sorry but we fired that person , got someone cheaper or really don't care.

Just sent a few to friends that are gone or on an "unpaid" vacation , not of their choice. be my guest ... go for it and while you are at it , call them (where they used to be).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great california style food in West monroe Dillas

Great place to go eat, not much on the outside but everything's fresh. Think California Baja Fresh -- sorta like a subway but with different ingreds. hey real steak and good chicken !!!! I talked to a couple that comes almost every night "The Martin's" It is so healthy and makes you feel good when you are finished.

They have several sports groups that come to eat there if they have games. Good fuel for teh body and brain.

They say mexican grill but actually that's a miss conception. The ingreds go into the containers of a mexican meal but are so so differant . Go tell the owner nick ....Cindy the pr lady sent ya !!!! if you don't see him, wave toward the window by the counter. Nick started this restaurant concept from scatch so he cares what you think. so post back here after you eat there. or send him a note from his website! So if you are going to tinseltown it is in the middle of a small center on Blanchard in the same place as the coffee house.
He even has ice creal , grilled that is !

Watch for more updates on restaurants around town. Hey someones got to do it ! and we eat out everynight .


As in yesterday's blog , today is a list of media slashes..... Stacy Thorton is gone from What's Cooking. She as word has gotten took a few weeks of training to sell?????? abc-11 time and move her show to the morning show slot. Things went downhill from there.... needless to say , no more Stacy . no more show... call KNOE 388-8888 and they say she is on vacation. My friend Mark Sanders is over there , does a great job, but is he now not doing KTVE am show. Is KNOE paying you mark , I hope so !!! you are too good to come free for the exposure....
So also Ed Murphy is gone to never never land after 20 years. Who is producing the am show? I'll get back to you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Author to author in Shreveport Author to Author in Shreveport features both local , regional and national authors. great fundraiser! check out Michael Devaults book ! Devault is a new fresh talent that is on Amazon if you want to purchase his book or buy it in June at the book fair. Charlene Harris is a featured author at the fest also.

ways of the media today

Word on the street is get your info out about your company and what you are doing. A press release or media alert along with photos of your event . http:/

gannett is giving out unpaid vacations (furloughs) to everyone , sales and reporters.

Comcast Spotlight cable , the selling arm of Comcast has laid off their manager s in the cities. Giving instead head sales person as a team leader.

Suddenlink has hired up instead of downsizing . They hit the smaller areas. smart buy for retailers and professionals.

Baton Rouge advocate newspaper had a blood bath of firings... by source , not a family friendly cut .

So moral of story, book your media on firesales.... call me or email me.

Time now for getting your story out! If you don't tell someone , how are they going to know?