Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ways of the media today

Word on the street is get your info out about your company and what you are doing. A press release or media alert along with photos of your event . http:/

gannett is giving out unpaid vacations (furloughs) to everyone , sales and reporters.

Comcast Spotlight cable , the selling arm of Comcast has laid off their manager s in the cities. Giving instead head sales person as a team leader.

Suddenlink has hired up instead of downsizing . They hit the smaller areas. smart buy for retailers and professionals.

Baton Rouge advocate newspaper had a blood bath of firings... by source , not a family friendly cut .

So moral of story, book your media on firesales.... call me or email me.

Time now for getting your story out! If you don't tell someone , how are they going to know?

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