Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Great california style food in West monroe Dillas

Great place to go eat, not much on the outside but everything's fresh. Think California Baja Fresh -- sorta like a subway but with different ingreds. hey real steak and good chicken !!!! I talked to a couple that comes almost every night "The Martin's" It is so healthy and makes you feel good when you are finished.

They have several sports groups that come to eat there if they have games. Good fuel for teh body and brain.

They say mexican grill but actually that's a miss conception. The ingreds go into the containers of a mexican meal but are so so differant . Go tell the owner nick ....Cindy the pr lady sent ya !!!! if you don't see him, wave toward the window by the counter. Nick started this restaurant concept from scatch so he cares what you think. so post back here after you eat there. or send him a note from his website! So if you are going to tinseltown it is in the middle of a small center on Blanchard in the same place as the coffee house.
He even has ice creal , grilled that is !

Watch for more updates on restaurants around town. Hey someones got to do it ! and we eat out everynight .

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  1. Dillas is one of our favorites.