Monday, August 31, 2009


Talking about a major slip, thanks for a reader finding the mistake . I guess Sunny and KEDM are just hard to separate still. So today KMLB it is 540am on the dial

Sunny and griffin today on the News Star hour 5 to 6pm on am540

Got a press release that Sunny Meriwether and Griffin Scott are having a radio show on KEDM 540am today at 5 to 6 pm. It's a call in segment !!!! If they generate enough activity they may have a full time gig. So is this really the News Star hour now, if it is , they should be congratulated to have the forward thinking to snap these seasoned reporters up!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Just having fun ! Baby

Ok, before I even start ---you have to forgive my spelling and ranting. Sometimes I write before my brain can focus on the correct grammar or spelling. I am a woman of passion and believe in what I do daily. I live my passion which makes me even stronger in my belief system plus I have had some great mentors thru the years that made me see both sides. Besides that in this blog it is hard to spell check,I am still a novice even thru the last few months this blog has traveled through some major media outlets.

It's a dog eat dog world out there now in the advertising community. With sales reps making a real nuisance of themselves begging for the scraps of money lying around. One day they are telling us all that the price is what you see, then the next day , OH! we had a change of heart and we will accept what you offered. My husband had a good idea, how about we charge the reps -one commercial for every call we field on the same offer. Or repackaged package! (Don't take offense this is not everyone)Infoentertainment/ advertorial is now with the Business to Business publication out there. Maybe a smart move ! but most of us already thought it had happened. Give me a break! I will say Delta Style's concept has worked and they are getting very friendly with non-profits now, which is a good move. That supports the community and makes the economy stronger.

So what do us media buyers or sometimes media buyers do ! when we are promised one product and it changes. Such as the infoentainment advertorials 4 minutes of trible now becomes a 3 minute to 2 minute time frame. Much less time to try to make it sound more like a news story, even though a journalist worth their salt would never give the information out as so. The price is the same but now you get less time ! pencil it out !

Or how about booking a week long classified that now only runs for Wednesday thru Sunday not the whole week. Monday and Tuesday have been great readership for classifieds but now is not available but for much cheaper ! wrong you still pay the same price ! I know you get on line coverage, but some of the older demo still reads the paper daily and expects to be able to get info. So I can rant and rant such as try to cover yourself with a classified now made into a regular display ad and You MAY GET TURNED DOWN TO SPEND MONEY. Does this make a bit of sense? The sales reps could sell it but seems upstairs has other ideas. Let's have more meetings to tell you what you are doing wrong, and to brainwash you into our way of selling instead of giving them the tools to make a living. Get them out of the meetings and let them sell, that is what and who you hired not a clone. I don't want to lose our media here , the daily information is important but taking away the freedom to "give them money" for ads is up there in the dumb catagory. Let the street wise people sell, if they can and stop farming out territories to new hacks that do not have a clue, which is losing revenue. My control is-- only purchasing what works for a client at the price that makes it palatable. With tv so cheap now and the new way of producing commercials, the cost per thousand in tv is more impressions for your money . but I have ink in my veins and want to keep it there. I am one of those people that wakes up to the sound of the paper hitting my front yard and can't wait to read about local projects, good news and real people. Don't take away that pleasure! give us something ! not as much stock / filler off the wire stories that we read two days ago in USA today or saw on the cable news. The public wants to support local media! We want the same local anchors you touted to us as the greatest thing since sliced bread yesterday and that the clients bought into with their new ad purchases . If we wanted someone that mispronouces Ouachita and doesn't know the history of the market or the United States we can watch Foxx , CNN or MSNBC. We (public)want the reporters and editors to be on the street again interviewing and getting the flavor of the market not having to build their own pages and hunt for an easy story off the wire. If we have a wire story, make it one that can have a sidebar with a local quote or two . That would only take a few minutes to make the tie in. Getting out of the market to Las Vegas Nevada for 13 years was a wonderful experience, we used to laugh at how every national story had a local Vegas connection. They may have only slept in a bed at the hotel but the reporter would digg that out and twist it into something we could relate to. Our people here in northeast Louisiana know the same info as the person in Cleveland or Dallas and are trying to survive to make payroll but yet a retailer or Doctor or lawyer in some other town is quoted and made the expert. Support us! if you want our ad dollars to stay on the local broadcast and local papers. support us! Cable is very user friendly and cheap and is watched, so it gets my vote a lot- to stretch budgets and get awareness but I would rather keep the money on my local faces to keep them there than on the majors. So media look within yourselves to do the right thing let your reporters shine at what you hired them to do ! write , hunt down stories, tell the stories and be a mouthpiece for the public good. This town (s) is growing and has so much positive happening so why don't we be the leader and send our story out there over AP Wire, someone is doing that in the other markets they are getting their stories picked up. So enough of my rant, I will go back to working toward spending a "hell" a lot of money for my client list to reach the local public . Who should I purchase to help my client , because that is what I do ! get my clients the best exposure for their funds . I work hard daily and all hours to help! Won't you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

speak your mind

Here is a day that freedom of speech is important ! censorship of comments made on stories after the fact are amazing to me . I guess stations and newsprint do not have to also hold the same standards as the rest of us . Don't scream to get your info and write the story if you can not stand the comments. Let comments stand ! In today's world of interactive media , it is very evident when facts are omitted or edited out / after the story has been printed or broadcast. Do they think we are all dumb. We read the stories on line or see the broadcast teasers. Have courage to stand by your story or retract. That's journalism. Why be a journalist if you will be censored later. I am not going to call out the reporter because I am sure the story as filed-- was changed and they had no control. Sounds like censorship to me ! by the way the Griffin Scott story broken in a previous word on the street along with the Sunny Meriweather firings have gained legs , online has picked it up and run with it .

Ok media get a grip!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cindy McCleish Ingram - August 2009

Cindy McCleish Ingram - August 2009

a bright new day and week

let's see what today and this week brings. It is so exciting to have three new homes ready for habitat for humanity in West Monroe, la , dedication is today at 2pm in the 700 block of Coleman.
Three wonderful families that have put in their sweat and tears. My favorite moment is watching the new homeowners get their keys and then to talk to the kids about their rooms. Swanson students helped to build these three and learned a trade will giving time.

I am writing about positive events today since the last few blogs have not exactly been in that mode.

This weekend is the 37th Cotton land Cluster of Dog Shows. Yes , more than one in our town of Monroe. Think about this , over 1500 dogs showing per day bringing in a handler, owners and groomers and vendors. A big burst for Monroe , West Monroe Economy. The gate fees stay here with out K-9 unit for the Ouachita parish Sheriff's Department. I enjoy wandering around the civic center behind the scenes. The last few years I have shot lots of pictures of dogs that will appear in the big Westminister Dog Show but you know what this show is big too! and it is right here! I pool my money once a year to buy dog shampoo, NEEM oil shampoo especially. You will laugh but that shampoo works for lice in humans hair and is a lot better feeling than the lice stuff at the store. (I googled lice and found that Neem is an alternative) I buy usually four bottles and it delutes into lots of baths for my furry loves at my house.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Griffin Scott gone from KTVE fact or fiction

So is it fact or fiction Griffin Scott made a remark about noone knowing what the Enola Gay was in the news room. He facebooked it ! we all saw it .....but we all laughed at ourselves.... I think it meant age verses having a brain.

facebook and twitter are magic and unless you understand the game, beware. I guess the KTVE powers humor bites. He was probadly right.... let's give all of the newscasters a test and see who passes but god forbid we discuss it later. on social media. So much for freedom of speech and not taking ourselves to serious.

I hate to lose another good news person but the heads are rolling daily around here for the smallest blip on the radar screen.

I just did a brief history lesson here in my building to some of the youngsters . It was 50/50. Maybe that should be a survey question. Sorta like who can pass the US citizenship test.