Monday, August 24, 2009

a bright new day and week

let's see what today and this week brings. It is so exciting to have three new homes ready for habitat for humanity in West Monroe, la , dedication is today at 2pm in the 700 block of Coleman.
Three wonderful families that have put in their sweat and tears. My favorite moment is watching the new homeowners get their keys and then to talk to the kids about their rooms. Swanson students helped to build these three and learned a trade will giving time.

I am writing about positive events today since the last few blogs have not exactly been in that mode.

This weekend is the 37th Cotton land Cluster of Dog Shows. Yes , more than one in our town of Monroe. Think about this , over 1500 dogs showing per day bringing in a handler, owners and groomers and vendors. A big burst for Monroe , West Monroe Economy. The gate fees stay here with out K-9 unit for the Ouachita parish Sheriff's Department. I enjoy wandering around the civic center behind the scenes. The last few years I have shot lots of pictures of dogs that will appear in the big Westminister Dog Show but you know what this show is big too! and it is right here! I pool my money once a year to buy dog shampoo, NEEM oil shampoo especially. You will laugh but that shampoo works for lice in humans hair and is a lot better feeling than the lice stuff at the store. (I googled lice and found that Neem is an alternative) I buy usually four bottles and it delutes into lots of baths for my furry loves at my house.

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