Wednesday, August 26, 2009

speak your mind

Here is a day that freedom of speech is important ! censorship of comments made on stories after the fact are amazing to me . I guess stations and newsprint do not have to also hold the same standards as the rest of us . Don't scream to get your info and write the story if you can not stand the comments. Let comments stand ! In today's world of interactive media , it is very evident when facts are omitted or edited out / after the story has been printed or broadcast. Do they think we are all dumb. We read the stories on line or see the broadcast teasers. Have courage to stand by your story or retract. That's journalism. Why be a journalist if you will be censored later. I am not going to call out the reporter because I am sure the story as filed-- was changed and they had no control. Sounds like censorship to me ! by the way the Griffin Scott story broken in a previous word on the street along with the Sunny Meriweather firings have gained legs , online has picked it up and run with it .

Ok media get a grip!

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