Thursday, March 4, 2010

media stream or scream

Ok congrats to Griffin Scott, looks good for him finally. melissa Klinzing is gone as of last week. She was the news director at KTVE that fired Grif over the facebook comment. What ever happened to telling it like it is ?

Movement is daily. i turn on the tv and am always amazed. Cynthia Mileage is now at KTVE from KNOE on the news.

Meg Smith is still at KNOE , she is good, and really researches her stories. Bill Elliot is also still there in the promotions and psa side.

The News Star is going thru yet another band of furloughs without pay. Must take a week off within the next few months. That is everyone. Only trouble is the crew is already working themselves to death.

Wish Griffon a happy birthday this week! Big Jim is on vacation. That's all for this moment .....

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