Monday, October 19, 2009

KEDM did they hit goal

Recently the public radio station KEDM held a public fund raising appeal over their airwaves. But I am yet to hear how much they raised over past years. I listened....and listened.... and the normal updates were not voiced. Now word on the street is, it was a little short . I heard by quite a bit ! Times have changed, I figured being a public radio station it should be public knowledge.


  1. KEDM did just fine. The radio station didn't pitch the goal because it was felt by the staff that this fund drive wouldn't be quite as aggressive to the individual listener. There was a CONSCIOUS decision not to assault the potential donor. So get the facts before you start making accusations.

    And where are you getting the word on the street about this anyway?

  2. When was the last time Louisiana Public Broadcasting mentioned a goal on air? How well did they do in their last campaign? The campaign before that? Your agenda is obvious. Stop looking for conspiracies where there are none.

  3. No conspiracy... but true the station didn't get what it hoped. If you other "anonymous" commenters have not yet pledged, shame on you! And shame on the others who haven't, too. We need that station in this community, but it's got to have support. And it's not too late, you can still pledge. Do it now.