Monday, June 8, 2009

New commercials and Pr along with social media

You know now when we do a new commercial , it is usually also for social media. We just finished
S & J Farm and Feed on Thomas Road in West Monroe. First up was sending to all people in the commercial on their facebook, then upload to u-tube , then twitter then blog, final stop is the actual tv run. Smart marketers are now using all of the "free" media they can assemble as quickly as they can. Did anyone see Peter Shankman on CNN tonight talking about the Burger King sign that put up a note of " I don't believe in Global Warming" the sign hit the e-waves so quickly , the sign was down within minutes but not before it had made national news and I am sure the person that has that franchise never thought it would be "foundout". No days think before you make a statement and when you have a message get it out there.

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