Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas in the Twin Cities; Monroe & W Monroe

 Now is the time to take the kids out for a holiday "look' around our quaint town. Yes quaint town , you have to know how to drive it , but it does fit into the criteria.  The two main towns are beautiful now , with downtown Monroe, La  sporting some beautiful winter windows, the group that put it together was able to also get into the empty places and dress them up.  It is a thrill to look into the R&A Jewelers window and see it dressed up.   Make sure as you get ready to cross the bridge into the west you see Bry Park in the back of the #Vantage Building and across from Cotton, the reindeer and the lights are pretty..  

Driving thru the #Antique Alley then over to North 18th Street with #Fiesta Nutrition (health food store ) then over to the #Diamond Vault   make sure and shop local.  Angie at Fiesta has a lot of local artists that have their pieces in her store and also has homemade local goat cheeses that are a true find.

Looking for some western fun, S&J Farm and Feed has a great boot selection and lots of wranglers and Miss me Jeans.   Santa is there also for all the kids, and it is all locally owned and operated.

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