Monday, April 1, 2013

Fiesta Tuesday Lunch at Cilantro cafe

Fiesta Tuesday at the Cilantro cafe , corner of North 18th Street and Roselawn, Monroe, la

Roasted Turkey Sandwich $4.25
Avocado Tomato Wrap $5.50
Black Bean Burrito $5.50
Vegetarian Lasagna Casserole $5.50
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wrap $5.50
Greek Pasta Veggie Salad $3.65
Greens & Broccoli Salad $3.65
Couscous Fruit Salad $3.65
Potato Corn Chowder $3.75

If you see a neat recipe , let Sue at Fiesta know. Sue is always looking for good new healthy twists in cooking.

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