Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trouble coming at another station or just another rumor

Is trouble coming to the other set of stations over on the Monroe side of the river. Hear big pow wow, may be some more shuffling soon. Don't know if it will be management or a personality ---one or two. I'll keep on digging and listen close. My source said pot is simmering. Love a little drama ? I do !

By the way listened to Griff and Sunny , they had on La Revenue for Q and A and also Bubba Chaney called in to congratulate them. Amazing how word travels on the street so fast. They even mixed in another song tonight. But yesterday Chuck Redden or one of his many followers had sent in a little diddy about the Monroe School Board and Dupree.

Today big press conference for la Sheriffs' and Deputies' PAC group to endorse Judge Clark. Lots of flash blubs and cameras rolling.

Richard Summers is back at Assignment editor at KNOE on the news team. Summers stepped into a camera man role again for a while.

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