Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fists were flying at KNOE is it fact or fiction

rumor mill, and a good source within the media community had a little ditty to share with me. You know I put about media firing coming up..... seems Neil Shaw, long time weather man at KNOE that has been on the am show recently----- wait for it ----- is gone.

Now that is not the juicy part. Remember I am getting this from sources ---not from a direct confirmed source but walls do talk and loud voices carry especially when materials are flying.

Seems Station GM Tom Pears called Neil in for a little talk and someone threw a fist and major commotion then happened.... Shaw called police to fill compliant about abuse. Search your memory guys. Neil is an axillary policeman for years.

Call and it is a private matter at KNOE.

Wish there was a video camera in there.

So guys that is one source says two --- the last teardrop will fall soon.

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