Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seafood still available in North Louisiana

Talking to my friends that own seafood restaurants; seafood is still available and price has not gone up much yet.
Vic Hendricks at Cypress Inn (318-345-0202) said, " He has oysters,shrimp,crab,catfish and crawfish now. The oysters are the biggest concern , but all the beds west of the Mississippi river are open except one after being tested. The one still closed was not an oil concern , it was a bacterial one. My prices are still standing on the menu, I am just riding with the extra cost which so far has not been too much. if it does go up a lot then we will have to reprint menus."

Jamie Cormier of Cormiers said,"They are going to be open two more weeks for crawfish season and then close for their summer retreat as usual. we always plan on closing to just do catering and enjoy our families during the hot summer months anyway. We are seeing a small increase on Shrimp, but we are still serving boiled shrimp for the next two weeks. The oil is a concern for everyone."

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