Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To india we will go for ad art at the News Star

For News Star ads that are on speculation , other words if the ads do not have an exact run date, they are sent to India. Outsourcing is the new temporary sales force. That is why it is tough to get proofs. This may be why sometimes the common word usage may be changed as in crayfish instead of crawfish.

The News Star in Monroe also now houses a central copy desk for several newspapers in the Louisiana stable of papers. So we did gain several employees to Monroe.

I just hate a paper that both my husband and myself worked for in our younger years has changed so much. I remember staying up most of the night when we would have a large paper, to work with the artist and layout. Now it is all computerized, even out of this market, out of the country.

I applaud the reporters that are working so hard and photographers that are stretched thin. I really enjoy a paper to read even though I have to read around the ap stories that were on line everywhere the day before. I really hate wire stories, but I understand that the reporters don't have time to cover local info, anymore like they want to.

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