Friday, July 17, 2009

Kedm cuts Sunny Meriwether

Just got a note from Sunny meriwether at KEDM on the ULM campus in Monroe, La . She was "terminated" as their News Director today. This is the person that is one of the top recognized news journalists in the state. The person that got the interview from Vitter that eveyone used when he was skipping the press. I hope some News agency picks her up, they would be getting a huge following. She was terminated because she is listed as an at will person, so not one that has to be kept on the payroll. Public broadcasting has lost one of their best. I would not be surprized to see more coming soon.


  1. We have just posted a story here:

  2. Can anything be done? Sunny is the heart of the station and can't be replaced.
    The rumor is that she angered a top NLU official.
    If this is true then we have two problems. First we lose Sunny which would be bad enough ok if she wanted to move on. But the worst is that an official in the state system would affect our plublic radio station that should be not be subject to local politics.
    If this is true, let's don't take this lying down, Patricia Tait Jones